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January Rate


January 1st, 2024 rate increase: 

60 minute treatment  $125

Hot Stone treatment  $135

90 minute treatment  $180

 Add Paraffin wax    $25


Tax Included

 Direct billing available

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Booking Calendar


 Booking is now open for January to March 2024

Please note: confirmation emails for 2024 will not reflect the future price increase even though it will be in effect January 1st



A Word on Therapeutic Pressure

I would describe myself as a moderate pressure therapist.

 Clients should not experience pain, bruising or extreme soreness during or after massage.


Updated hours / location

Grand Forks Chiropractic

7259 2nd Street

Monday to Friday


Methods of payment

Cash, Cheque or E-transfer



Our first appointment will consist of a health history interview and physical assessments to create a customized treatment plan. 

Please come 10 minutes early for the initial visit.

Hot Stone Massage

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is a smooth, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, and improves circulation. The aim is to relax, revive and rejuvenate at a massage depth that does not cause discomfort.

$110 for 60 minutes plus assessment

$160 for 90 minutes available on request 

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage involves focused work on specific areas. Focused techniques can help decrease pain, increase range of motion, and accelerate healing.  


$110 for 60 minutes plus assessment

$160 for 90 minutes available on request

Hot Stone Massage

Water-heated, smooth stones are used—with or without pressure—for the ultimate relaxation and pain relief.

$120 for 60 minutes plus assessment

$180 for 90 minutes available on request

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Paraffin wax is used to help relieve pain in the hands and feet of people with:

  • Osteoarthritis 

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Other joint mobility issues


It acts as a form of heat therapy and can help increase blood flow, relax muscles, and decrease joint stiffness. It can also minimize inflammation and treat sprains.

Add to any other treatment for $20. Available on request.

  • Massage using comfortable pressure to promote relaxation.

    110 Canadian dollars
  • Massage involving focused work on chronic issues.

    110 Canadian dollars
  • Massage that involves the use of smooth, heated stones.

    120 Canadian dollars
Back Massage

Located at Grand Forks Chiropractic
7259 2nd Street

Opening Hours

Monday 9-5
Tuesday 9-5

Wednesday 9-5

Thursday 9-5
Friday 9-5



About Me

My Story

   Born and raised in Grand Forks, I spent many years travelling and working abroad before returning to the area to re-establish roots in my home community. In 2018 my house and the location where I worked were severely affected by the floods and I found myself looking for a new direction that aligned with my core-values. After attending Kootenay Columbia College of Health and Integrated Sciences in Nelson, I am a proud graduate of the massage therapy program. If you need a positive, energetic and caring Massage Therapist, please contact me to help revitalize your sense of health and well being. 

Head Massage

“It's never too late for a new beginning in your life.”

Joyce Meyers

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